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Celebrate 30 Years of BABY-G with the New BABY-G+PLUS Series

Celebrate 30 Years of BABY-G with the New BABY-G+PLUS Series

Introducing BABY-G+PLUS, a special series commemorating the 30th anniversary of BABY-G. This new collection features compact digital watches paired with unique holders and straps, designed for ultimate versatility. The easy-to-remove bezels and bands require no tools, allowing you to switch up your style effortlessly.

Wear BABY-G+PLUS as a classic wristwatch or transform it into a fashionable charm to hang from your waist or bag. The possibilities are endless, empowering you to create a look that's uniquely yours. This innovative style marks three decades of BABY-G’s iconic presence in the world of fashion and function.

Celebrate 30 years of BABY-G with BABY-G+PLUS. Embrace the motto: “Be you. Be me. With BABY-G!”

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Messages congratulating BABY-G on its 30th anniversary from world-renowned artists and creators Be sure to check out the original artwork for the look and feel of the new BABY-G + PLUS!

Virtual artist


Congratulatory message to BABY-G

Celebrate BABY-G's 30th anniversary with us! It's a joy to witness the enduring charm of BABY-G alongside the adorable yet resilient APOKI once more. While I typically don BABY-G as a fashion statement, this collaboration with BABY-G+PLUS has empowered me to showcase my style in exciting new ways. Be sure to explore APOKI's distinctive flair in the accompanying video as well.

Profile :

Greetings! I'm APOKI, your virtual artistic companion! I'm deeply enthralled by Earth's rich tapestry of culture, from its vibrant music and mesmerizing dance styles to its ever-changing fashion landscape. Delving into the heart of Earth's cultural treasures ignites my imagination and fuels my creativity!

Illustrator and content creator


Congratulatory message to BABY-G

It's been a true pleasure and privilege to be part of this milestone celebration. Crafting content that highlights the distinctive two-way functionality of BABY-G+PLUS, while showcasing personalized watch designs in my signature style, has been a source of immense inspiration and joy. As an artist who revels in the art of playful video creation, whether it's through image deconstruction or inventive remixing, this project has been exceptionally gratifying. And, of course, illustrating these charming timepieces was an absolute delight! Here's to everyone enjoying the innovative BABY-G+PLUS.

Profile :

Greetings! I'm Chan, an illustrator and content creator hailing from Seoul, Korea. My passion lies in bringing to life adorable characters and mouth-watering culinary delights through my artwork. In the realm of content creation, I specialize in digital illustration and conduct online tutorials to share my skills with fellow enthusiasts. Over the years, I've had the pleasure of collaborating with numerous esteemed brands, and my partnership with BABY-G ranks among my most cherished experiences.

Artist and Content Creator Esther Kim

Esther Kim

Congratulatory message to BABY-G

I adore BABY-G, the perfect blend of adorable and resilient in a watch! From its debut to now, it remains a true fashion icon. Excited to share my latest comic collaboration, BABY-G+PLUS, for all to enjoy. Here's to BABY-G's 30th anniversary – cheers!

Profile :

Esther Kim, a Korean-American artist, was born in Los Angeles and spent her formative years in Tokyo. Through her creation, Esther Bunny, she channels her emotional journey as an outsider navigating diverse cultures, capturing her experiences and reflections along the way.


Two-way watch and charm style to match any mood or fashion

Refined for versatility, our two-way watch seamlessly adapts to your ever-changing style and mood. Effortlessly transition from a classic wristwatch to a charming accessory with a simple twist. The pass-through band offers hassle-free removal, while the detachable bezel adds a touch of customization. With the center case securely nestled in the provided holder, transform your timepiece into a chic charm, ready to adorn your waist or bag. Embrace the freedom of expression as you effortlessly coordinate with your daily ensembles or mood swings.

Special holder with strap*1 ready for individual styles

Enhance your style with our silicone holder, complete with a strap for added convenience. Its sleek design adds charm to any bag, making it the perfect accessory. Personalize it with stickers and decorations, and even insert your favorite photo in the back. The possibilities are endless for creating a unique piece that reflects your personality.

Cute and retro pixel animations

Press the Light button while in Time Mode to activate a delightful surprise: a randomly selected pixel-art animation featuring a variety of characters such as a surfer, dancer, dolphin, blowfish, dog, or cat. These charming animations not only inject a sense of fun into the watch's interface but also infuse a whimsical flair to the clear and user-friendly digital LCD display of your BABY-G timepiece./p>

Shock resistance and 10-bar water resistance

Whether it's adorning your wrist or snugly secured in its dedicated holder on your bag, you can rest assured without fretting about accidental bumps or exposure to water./p>

Color variations fit for Y2K fashion

Upgrade your wardrobe with our pop-casual color variations, drawing inspiration from the vibrant hues of Y2K fashion as it makes a triumphant return. Infuse your everyday attire with a distinctive flair by incorporating these trendy colors. Whether you're adding a touch of your favorite idol's style or simply seeking to inject more vibrancy into your daily outings, these color variations promise to elevate your look with a playful and colorful twist./p>


  • Shock-resistant structure
  • 10 bar water resistance
  • World time (30 cities)
  • 1/100-second stopwatch
  • Countdown timer
  • 5 daily alarms
  • Pixel-art animation
  • LED backlight (Super Illuminator)

*1 Caution: Special holder with strap

  • Avoid storing in direct sunlight, high temperatures, or high humidity.
  • Attaching a metallic strap may damage the strap holes.
  • Due to the glossy finish, wrinkle-like patterns may occur on the surface.

*2 Decorations

  • Decorating the watch itself is not recommended.
  • Some stickers may not stick as easily.
  • When using stickers, first make sure the surface is free of dust, oils, and moisture.
  • Stickers may peel off depending on where they are placed and how the watch is used.
  • If left for a long time, the stickers’ adhesive may remain on the watch surface.