Explore Japanese luxury with G-SHOCK's MRG-B5000R-1DR - Elegance meets durability.

G-SHOCK Metal Watches

G-SHOCK METAL Collection Forges Unbreakable Spirit into Steel
The entire G-SHOCK series radiates toughness. And to continue this aura of sturdiness, G-SHOCK has brought you the Metal Collection. Forged and tested by the same standards as their resin counterparts, these CASIO G-SHOCK METAL Watches come with rigid steel with a high shock absorption capacity and durability. These metal series include G-SHOCK metal covered watches that showcase a heavy and robust exterior with a complex and intricate interior. Coupled with the advanced technology, the metal collection of CASIO G-SHOCK watches for men is a piece of solid, secure, hefty, and classic watches.

The CASIO GSHOCK METAL Collection is a heroic all-rounder when it comes to quality. This G-STEEL chronograph series can take a lifetime's worth of hits and still stand on its own, right there on your wrist.

The premium finishings with many features are precisely what you will get if you buy one from the CASIO G-SHOCK METAL collection from the CASIO MEA store. These GSHOCK watches will be standing to tell its story even in the most extreme conditions out there.

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